Mobile Ounces

Mobile Ounces (mOZ) powers the family friendly "Light Web" ecosystem. Backed by over ONE BILLION in unmined gold, powering some of the top brands on the planet. 

mOZ vault

As an influencer you will be given unique link to invite others to the platform. When the public token is funded there is an influencer pool set aside of 200k coins that will be shared in the pool. Every person who signs up from a unique IP address with unique credentials will be considered unique. If you represent 10% of the unique members you will get 10% of the influencer pool. You will also be eligible for a funding bonus based on every token funded in the initial offer.

The more you share, the larger your opportunity!

mOZ Vault

Invite Only - Get Invited

Mobile Ounces powers the Family Friendly ecosystem, and is a closed "invite only" platform. To request an invite complete the form to be connected to one of our members.