Incline Media is a global technology & marketing organization dedicated to changing the world by bringing together like-minded business owners to create a unique family friendly community, while increasing business goals and reducing return marketing spend, providing huge ROI for its customers.           

The Opportunity

Everyone knows a business owner. We're looking for the business owners that are already successful, or have a clear plan to long-term success, and are interested in leveraging their online presence past the point they're able to do on their own. If you know of someone that fits that profile, simply follow the steps listed below.

Step #1 - FIRST TOUCH: Hi _________, I am working with a new tech start-up who is looking for successful business owners like you who want help with their online presence. Would you be interested in talking to them? But before they say anything, follow up with this question: "Wouldn't it be cool to be at the ground floor 15 years ago with Google,  Amazon or Facebook? This is that type of opportunity."

Step #2 - FOLLOW UP: If they say no, then end the conversation and go about your day. However, If they say yes, or ask any question about it, simply reply, "Great! If you'll give me a contact number, I'll have one of the founders give you a call."

Step #3 - CONNECT: Email that contact information to the link below and we will take it from there. If they become a paying customer, we will send you a $2500.00 Random Income payment as a finder's fee!